Bringing music and business to the youth around the world. 

In August 2017, OccupyLove WorldWide (OLWW) founder Mickelle "Hayón" Hellon, created EDUtainment Pros to cultivate and nurture the Creative Professionals of tomorrow.

OLWW is a non-profit organization established in 2012, whose mission is to empower the youth of impoverished communities worldwide through creative arts, education, and cultural exchange. Since its birth, it has accomplished many missions internationally, including building a school in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya and supplying aid to over 3,000 typhoon victims in the Philippines. Hayón is a singer/songwriter from Sacramento, CA. He has written and performed songs with artists from all around the world. Currently, he is traveling the globe, collaborating with creative artists, government officials, and industry professionals committed to using their skill set to inspire the young heroes of tomorrow.

EDUtainment Pros was established by Hayón to further their belief that educating children about how their art can be used to inspire multiple generations and how creating positive energy can have a powerful impact on the world. EDUtainment Pros achieves this belief through its Young Moguls Program which teaches youth the fundamentals of operation an independent music label.

Hayón believes that, by providing tangible resources, structure, and mentorship in a field the youth love, EDUtainment Pros can change their perspectives of self-worth and plant the seeds for their desire to succeed. EDUtainment Pros also places great value and strongly promotes that the youth support their community, be empathic to global deprivation, and work well with others.