Thank You


The EDUtainment Pros

The EDUtainment Pros are a Sacramento, CA based company geared towards developing, cultivating, and nurturing the Creative Professionals of tomorrow. We provide tangible resources and a strong network of industry professionals to help educate our Young Moguls on the value of their creativity to the corporate world. With your help, we can expand our reach to further communities in the Sacramento region, and beyond!!

Your sponsorship dollars will be used to:

  1. Help us expand the Young Mogul Program so we can accommodate more students. This will help us create paid internship opportunities, branch out to more schools, youth groups, foster agencies, etc.

  2. Help us convert our curriculum. Converting our curriculum will allow us to easily connect with college campuses and corporations so we can expand the opportunities for our Young Moguls after the program ends.

  3. Benefit OccupyLove’s #BasketballisLife mission in the Philippines. This will show the children in the Young Mogul Program here in the USA the power they have as creative professionals. By creating a successful event here, they can make an impact across the world.